KHARTOUM, April 18 (NNN-XINHUA) — Sudan is to participate for first time in a meeting of Chief of Staff of the America-European-African Group (AFRICOM) in Stuttgart, Germany, a Sudanese army spokesman says.

The Sudanese Army’s Joint Chief of Staff, Emad Eddin Mustafa Adawi, will lead Sudan’s delegation to the meetings, the Sudanese army spokesman, Ahmed Khalifa Al-Shami, said in a statement here Monday.

“Sudan’s participation in these meetings is an indicator for surpassing the phase of sanctions lifting to co-operation in issues that Sudan is committed to combating, such as cross-border crimes, terrorism, illegal immigration and money laundering,” he said.

“This participation is evidence of the breakthrough in the relationship with the United States and a move towards lifting Sudan’s name from the US list of countries sponsoring terrorism and fully lifting the American economic sanctions,” he noted.

The US Military Command in Africa (US-AFRICOM) is one of the US Unified Combatant Commands under the US Department of Defence. It is responsible for the US military operations in and relations with 53 African countries. It is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

Sudan’s participation in the meeting comes after a relative improvement in the relationship between Khartoum and Washington, which, last January, partially lifted economic sanctions imposed on Sudan since 1993.

Sudan’s name, however, is still on the US list of countries sponsoring terrorism. — NNN-XINHUA

Source: NAM News Network