An 18-year-old Palestinian was killed during clashes with the Israeli army near the West Bank village of Bethlehem on Friday, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said that its forces fired towards suspects who hurled explosive devices and blocks at troops during an operation to arrest wanted suspects in the Deheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem, south of Jerusalem.The Palestinian Health Ministry said the young man died of his injuries shortly after the altercation.

The IDF said it was examining reports that the Palestinian was killed.The clash came just hours after a shooting attack at the Lion’s Gate entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City early Friday morning.

Three Israelis were injured, two critically, and three assailants were shot dead by security forces after fleeing the scene to the Temple Mount.The shooting at the holy site, known as the Temple Mount to Jews and as Haram al Sharif to Muslims, is likely to exacerbate tensions.

The hilltop compound is the holiest site in Judaism and the third holiest in Islam, housing the Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock.A wave of unrest that broke out in October 2015 has claimed the lives of at least 277 Palestinians, 42 Israelis, two Americans, two Jordanians, an Eritrean, a Sudanese and a Briton, according to an AFP toll.

Israeli authorities say most of the Palestinians killed were carrying out knife, gun or car-ramming attacks.Others were shot dead in protests and clashes, while some were killed in Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip.

Source: National News Agency