KUWAIT, Nov 16 (NNN-KUNA) – Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Khaled Al-Jarallah, reaffirmed Kuwait’s firm support to the fair cause of Palestine, and the legitimate struggle of Palestinians for self-determination and statehood.

“Kuwait always stands by the Palestinian people in their political struggle, supported the Palestinian revolution and contributes to the efforts being made to revive the Middle East peace process and reach a fair, permanent and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian cause,” he said.

Al-Jarallah made the press remarks Sunday night, while attending a celebration held by the Embassy of Palestine, to mark the 27th Independence Day.

“The leaders of the Palestinian revolution started their drive from Kuwait and continued their legitimate struggle for liberation over the last decades,” he pointed out.

He added that, preparations are under way, for holding the session of the Kuwaiti-Palestinian joint commission, which will discuss a host of political issues, including the Arab lobbying for Palestinian statehood.

The Palestinian Declaration of Independence was proclaimed by the late president, Yasser Arafat, during the 19th Palestinian National Council – the legislative body of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), on Nov 15, 1988.– NNN-KUNA