Gov’t allocates JD734 million to 2024 EMV executive program

The government has committed JD734 million to the Economic Modernisation Vision (EMV) executive program for next year, based on the program’s indicative cost.

The draft general budget law for the 2024 fiscal year included a JD349 million allocation from the budget of ministries and government departments and a JD135 million allocation from the budget of government units and self-financing for the EMV executive program.

Foreign aid totaling JD250 million was provided to the EMV executive program, increasing the total amount to JD734 million based on the program’s indicative cost.

According to the EMV executive program, JD12 million was allocated to support the investment engine’s priorities of promoting and stimulating local investments, as well as computerizing investor services to optimize the investor’s journey.

JD63 million was also allocated to the high-value industries engine’s priorities of supporting national industry, developing food industries, increasing national export competitiveness, and con
tinuing to finance the requirements for increasing grain container storage capacity.

Regarding the future services engine, for which JD56 million has been allocated, work will be done on a number of crucial fronts, including the computerization of health facilities and hospitals, e-commerce development support, the growth of the electronic gaming industry, and ongoing support for the digital transformation program.

The 2024 EMV executive program included the allocation of JD83 million to finance the Jordan as a global destination engine’s priorities, in order to mitigate the Gaza war impact on the tourism sector, such as continuing programs to stimulate low-cost aviation, tourism promotion programs, and supporting the Royal Film Commission’s projects.

The program also allocated JD94 million to the leadership and creativity engine’s priorities, including funding for the National Employment Program, development of the early education, vocational and technical education and training, and continued development
of teachers’ and trainers’ skills.

Concerning the sustainable resources engine, JD233 million were allocated to its priorities, particularly those related to providing the required annual financing for the national carrier project, the water loss reduction project, and regional electrical interconnection projects, as well as providing the required infrastructure to supply natural gas to a number of industrial cities.

The EMV executive program for next year has dedicated JD33 million to the sustainable environment engine’s priorities, with the goal of supporting sustainable practices for the transition to a green economy.

In terms of the quality of life engine, the program allocated JD160 million to finance priorities such as new city studies, public transportation system development, detailed studies of the sustainable financing project for Toll Roads, as well as the establishment of the medical simulation center and the development of the drug inventory system.

Source: Jordan News Agency