What does the National Day mean to you?

Haitham al Badi, Government employee

National Day is the most important day for every citizen of Oman because it is His Majesty the Sultan’s birthday. He is the one who brought Renaissance in the sultanate. So on this day, all people of Oman celebrate and express their loyalty and gratitude to His Majesty the Sultan and the government.

Ahmed al Nofli, Cabin crew

For me, National Day is a time to celebrate with friends. We decorate cars, homes, shops and streets of our village. It is the birthday of His Majesty the Sultan and a day to mark the country’s road to development.

Abdul Rahman al Balooshi, Cabin crew

It is the day I see His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said address the nation on television. He speaks about the nation’s achievements and his vision and asks people to take care of the nation and its wealth. I am waiting to see him speak.

Nada Said Jalil, IT sector employee

National Day is a day to renew our promise and loyalty to our motherland, which has given us so many opportunities. It is also the time to express our gratitude to our father, His Majesty the Sultan, who has worked hard to make our country a safe place where we live with dignity.

Arif al Balushi, Bank manager

National Day is very important for Oman. It is a day to review the sultanate’s achievements and its standing in the world arena. Oman has carved a space for itself as a peace-loving country. It played a very important role in solving the Iran issue.

Faisal Mohammed Hassan, Businessman

National Day is a time to express our gratitude to the wise leadership of His Majesty the Sultan under whom the country has made steady progress. Today, people who want to work can find a job easily, which is commendable. The sultanate has also made great strides in creating opportunities for the youth.


What changes would you like to see in Oman over the next five years?

Mohammad Zadjali, Private sector employee

I would like to see more SMEs coming up in the sultanate as this will help strengthen the country’s economy. I know that the government is taking steps to encourage more entrepreneurs. If this support continues, Oman will be able to compete globally in the next five years.

Saif al Harthy, Businessman

I would love to see Oman develop its public transport system. This will not only help reduce road accidents, but also ease traffic jams in the city.

Helmi Hilal al Kindi, Private sector employee

I would love to see the country making space for more parks and public areas where people can relax and work out. Authorities should also build more pedestrian walkways.

Abdullah Obaid, Businessman

I hope that in the next five years, we will be able to equip our agriculture sector to yield more. The government should also focus on developing small industries. More citizens should engage in overseas business. I think Oman also needs to create more job opportunities for its people.

Imran al Zadjali, Financial sector

I think the country should widen its road network. The economic benefits from this will help the sultanate grow into a stronger nation. The country is already working on building world-class airports and ports. I am sure in another five years, Oman will be able to offer the best facilities in the world.

Reju K, Private sector employee

Oman has achieved some great milestones under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The country is doing all it can to provide the best in education to its citizens. In the next five years, I want the sultanate to boast of world-class schools and universities, which will produce world-class professionals.


What are Oman’s most important achievements in the last 45 years?

Mohamed al Riyami, Businessman

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has done a lot to develop the sultanate. It is because of him that Oman is a friendly and peaceful nation. In the last 45 years, we have never had to face political conflict, civil war or any unfair treatment on the basis of religion, race or culture. Oman is also fair in treating women and provides them equal opportunities.

Yusuf al Balushi, Web editor

Oman is completely different from what it was before the 1970s. His Majesty the Sultan has transformed the country completely and put it prominently on the world map. Today, we have the best roads, hospitals, schools and universities. With the historic fall in oil prices, there is a need to diversify the economy. Tourism is one industry which can bolster revenues and create more jobs for youths.

Meer Waheed, Private sector employee

Oman today boasts of one of the world’s best road networks and health infrastructure. We just had a few kilometres of paved roads and couple of hospitals and schools earlier. The development witnessed by the sultanate in the last 45 years is phenomenal. A few years ago, Oman even featured among the top countries with fastest growing economies in the world.

Uzair al Balushi, Model

It feels great to live in a country which is among the world’s most happiest nations. This bonhomie emanates from the quality of life in the country. We have everything that a modern country should have. The country is progressing under the great leadership of His Majesty the Sultan.

Salma al Habsi, Private sector employee

I feel the greatest achievement is education. Education has lifted the status of women in society, providing them equal opportunities in all fields – there is an evening school for old women near my house. Healthcare is another sphere where Oman has achieved phenomenally.

Fahad Mohammed, Bank manager

One major achievement for Oman is its growth in the field of education. The country today has many schools and colleges. Besides, the government also provides scholarships to students who want to pursue higher studies. Law and order prevails.