Torsarkisian: No electoral law at absence of president

November 19, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Member of Parliament, Serge Torsarkisian, on Thursday utterly refused agreement over a new electoral law for as long as the Lebanese presidency is vacant.

Responding to what has been mentioned in An-nahar daily about the Kataeb Party’s unwillingness to sign the laws that have been endorsed during the latest legislative session, the lawmaker made clear that he was in favor of the Kataeb stance.

“The presidency is a priority and enjoys an advantage over all the other proposed topics,” he said, wondering how election talks could be taking place at the absence of a president’s opinion.

He also clarified that Kateb Party did not have an intention to impede a solution.

“This is a noble political party that enjoys its own opinion just like any other. If they take a certain stance, it doesn’t mean that they’re placing sticks in wheels,” he added.

Moreover, the lawmaker opted for more control by the security forces monitoring the apartments that are being rented by terrorists. He also commended the role of hotels reporting the names of all their guests to the General security.