Salam deprecates ailing aids for refugees in Lebanon before Arab, Latin American leaders

November 11, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Prime Minister, Tammam Salam, on Wednesday indicated that Lebanon was bogged down by more than one million Syrian refugees nationwide, constituting a heavy “unprecedented” burden that was faced with limited capacities and aids not reaching the required level.

In remarks made during the Arab-Latin American summit in the Saudi capital, the Prime Minister said this event was the suitable place to offer contribution to facing challenges on the security, environmental, and developmental levels.

Reminding of Lebanon’s commitment to the dissociation policy from unrest next door, Salam accentuated the necessity of bringing forth a political solution to the Syrian crisis.

“Therefore, we declare our support for the diplomatic efforts exerted by the concerned countries with the Syrian crisis. We hope that the course which started in Vienna would lead to opening a door to a solution that would restore security and peace to war-torn Syria,” he said.

“The volume of challenges facing us is tremendous. In fact, terrorism, migration, poverty, development, food security, health, education, and climate change have all reached levels that entail the adoption of joint immediate reactions,” he indicated.

“The key to such reactions lies within the political will,” he stressed, adding that moderation will vanquish extremism through making justice and ending oppression, which, according to him, is epitomized by the tragedy of the Palestinian people.

“Such thing will not be realized unless with the establishment of a permanent and just peace in the Middle East, that would give hope to the Palestinian people and the region’s,” he underlined.

Dwelling on Lebanon’s presidential vacuum, Salam renewed hope for an agreement over a new president of the republic to end disruption within the constitutional institutions.

He did not fail to hail Saudi Arabia “for its contribution to anchoring security and stability in our country, owing to the aids it is offering to the Lebanese military and security forces.”