Rahi: Middle Eastern countries crave another discourse

November 29, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Middle Eastern countries crave a discourse other than that of war, hatred, murder and destruction, Maronite patriarch Beshara Rahi, stated in his Sunday homily at St. Vandal’s church in Frankfurt Germany today.

Citing the Gospels of Peace and Justice as his point of departure, the patriarch added that Arab Christians of the Orient are not merely transient in this area rather than striking deep roots as perfect natives of their respective countries. As we beseech the Almighty One to preserve Christian presence, let our homelands also prosper and thrive under the protection of Virgin Mary, Rahi went on.

Thanks to her firm unshaken belief in the good tidings transmitted to her by the Angel Gabriel, the Enunciated Virgin became the mother of the Divinely Incarnated One, Rahi said. As we ordain a number of young priests to henceforth officiate for you here, he told Lebanese Maronite expats living and working in Frankfurt, we pray for the cessation of all violence rocking the Middle East; we also pray for the election of a new president prone to bring about an end to corruption and a huge public debt.

As we espouse obedient faith like that of the Virgin’s, we hail the Trinity, Rahi wrapped up his Frankfurt service.