Radio Lebanon, Jreij and Arayji singing the praises of Fayrouz

November 21, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Marking Lebanese singer Fayrouz’s 80th birthday, Information and Culture ministers Ramzi Jreij and Raymond Arayji have been singing praises of the Arab an international icon all day long; Throughout the day Lebanon Radio devoted exclusive interviews during which Information minister Jreij described Fayrouz as an international icon who captivated whole generations with her singing. In doing so, Fayrouz effectively played the role of cultural ambassadress to the universe minister Jreij said. He hoped for the return of Baalbeck Festival with Fayrouz featuring as usual center stage.

Minister Raymond Arayji for his part, said Fayrouz epitomized all-love and all-giving and her heritage and that of the Rahbanis must be preserved and widely disseminated; As I woke to the songs of Fayrouz, I intend to teach them to my kids such that everybody continues to enjoy and appreciate them to the full, he concluded.