´╗┐Moukhaiber: Aoun, Franjieh agree both are March 8 candidates for presidency

November 26, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) “Change and Reform” parliamentary bloc member, MP Ghassan Moukhaiber, confirmed on Thursday that the head of the bloc MP Michel Aoun agreed with “Marada” movement head, MP Sleiman Franjieh, that they are both March 8 candidates for presidency, adding that Aoun and Franjieh are the only ones who can choose between themselves, in addition to Hizbullah General Secretary, Al-Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

He explained that MP Franjieh’s parliamentary bloc is a part of that of Aoun’s, adding that everybody is waiting until Franjieh’s candidacy for presidency proposal is announced officially.

“Such an agreement might take place if the appropriate status is found,” Moukhaiber said.

He confirmed that their trust in Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri is directly related to the details of the ongoing dialogue regarding settlement.

Moukhaiber underscored that the four Christian leaders enjoy, in different proportions, the standards set by Bkirki for the presidential candidate.

The lawmaker added that Franjieh enjoys the right level of the correct Christian representation, saying “It (the final word) is for the other parties’ acceptance for this candidacy.”

He confirmed that issues would eventually be subject to agreement, pointing out that a complete settlement basket needs concessions from all parties.