Markaba bids farewell to slain AMAL members and one from Hezbollah

November 14, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Two AMAL members and one from Hezbollah slain in last Thursday’s Burj Brajneh twin-bombings have been laid to rest in their home village of Markaba, NNA field reporters said today.

Leading the funeral, Hezbollah deputy of the House Ali Fayyad and AMAL Finance minister Ali Khalil chanted slogans in support of “Husenist-Zaynabist party involvement in the Syrian conflict”, amid anti-Saudi Arabia, America and ISIL/NOSRA chanting.

Both coffins were wrapped in AMAL’s green banner while Hezbollah’s carried the party’s traditional yellowish colour, the same reporters concluded.