Loyalty to the Resistance highlights efforts to reach agreement over Thursday’s legislative session

November 10, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc indicated, following its regular meeting on Tuesday, that it was exerting tremendous efforts to reach positive agreement over the legislative session scheduled to take place on forthcoming Thursday, at the behest of House Speaker, Nabih Berri.

“All blocs must approach the legislative session building upon the nations’ best interest,” the bloc recommended.

On a different note, the bloc deplored the failure to solve the trash crisis, blaming it on the sectarian considerations.

Furthermore, conferees hailed the efforts made by the security forces to apprehend collaborators and spying networks.

On the international level, the Loyalty to the Resistance considered that the crash of the Russian plane in Egypt constituted a horrible tragic event that was most likely the result of a terrorist act.

“In the case of the plane, there is a US political exploitation that is far from any humanitarian and responsible aspect,” the bloc underlined.