Lebanese Ambassador to Cyprus tells NNA probe into sinking boat kicks off Tuesday

November 06, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Lebanese Ambassador to Cyprus, Yusuf Sadaka, on Friday confirmed in an interview accorded to the National News Agency that the six Lebanese, who had been aboard a sinking boat in Cypriot territorial waters, were in perfectly good condition.

He confirmed that the child, Hamza Ghemrawi, had been released from the intensive care unit of Nicosia’s children hospital and moved to another hospital to be with his mother.

The diplomat confirmed that the ones in the hospital were getting treatment at the expense of the Cypriot state, as per the Cypriot President’s request.

As for the possible existence of Lebanese nationals with forged Syrian documents on Cypriot territories, Sadaka confirmed that investigations into the matter would kick of next Tuesday.

Concerning the possibility of keeping the six Lebanese in Cyprus, the diplomat explained that the Syrian nationals would be given a chance to file for immigration.

“The Lebanese will be given the same chance despite the fact that they stand before a more difficult situation for reasons that we are well-aware of. The Syrian nationals don’t wish to stay in Cyprus, but aim to go either Sweden or Germany,” he added.

However, Sadaka affirmed that the Palestinian and Syrian nationals with Lebanese arrest warrants would sure not be allowed to stay in Cyprus.