Kataeb expresses contentment over return of presidential dossier to national priorities

November 24, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Kataeb Party sounded satisfaction regarding the return of the presidential dossier to the forefront of national priorities, stressing the need for abiding by the constitution and respecting the democratic system in Lebanon.

“This matter necessitates on all to head to the parliament to elect a new president,” a statement by the Kataeb Party said in the wake of its politburo weekly meeting, presided over by Party chief Sami Gemayel, to dwell on most recent developments.

Kataeb politburo meeting noted that this is the second time Lebanon marks its independence day amidst the existing presidential vacuum, due to a clear determination by certain parliamentary blocs to refuse complying with the Constitution and place narrow interests above the nation’s welfare.

“This anniversary in its connotation should stand as a warning alarm to rescue the Republic,” statement said.

The Party also called for an imminent, urgent Cabinet meeting to swiftly address and find solutions to the standing trash predicament issue, instead of delaying the implementation of solutions.