Kanaan: We are relaxed to ongoing response to principle of legislation of necessity

November 05, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) LF Chief, Samir Geagea met on Thursday night at his Mehrab’s residence with “Change and Reform” bloc, Secretary General, Deputy Ibrahim Kanaan delegated from Deputy Michel Aoun.

“We are relaxed to the ongoing response to the principle of legislation of necessity,” the lawmaker asserted.

He added that his bloc supported the financial priorities, “but there are many other priorities like the new electoral law”.

The MP confirmed that all the political factions should decide as partners on legislation of necessity and the proposed national priorities that are suggested today.

Regarding the participation of “Change and Reform” bloc in the legislative session in case the electoral law was not set on the agenda, he said “my position is clear and does not need interpretation. We had raised constants to legislate the necessary and this is more important than the participation in the legislative session”.