Ibrahim upon Independence Day: To give privilege to logic of state, free nation from foreign interests

November 19, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) General Security Chief, General Abbas Ibrahim, on Thursday upped calls to give privilege to the logic of the state, and to free the nation from regional and international interests.

“Do not make of Lebanon hostage of regional and international interests,” Ibrahim said in a message distributed to the brass upon the commemoration of the Independence Day.

In his address, he underlined that the resurrection of Lebanon was still there, despite the difficult situation and the actual concerns over the future of the country.

He then reiterated the unwavering commitment of his agency to fighting schemes of division and sectarian conflicts, in order to safeguard Lebanon, its independence, and the dignity of its people.

“The presidential vacuum and the irregularity of the work do the state institutions must not prevent us from shouldering our national responsibilities, because the durability of our work allows to avoid the collapse of the state,” he indicated.

Ibrahim did not fail to underscore that Lebanon was currently facing a danger similar to that represented by the Israeli enemy: that of the terrorist groups which destroy and kill in the name of the religion. “The fresh arrest of many collaborators with Israel and a number of Takfiris are the two sides of the same coin,” he stressed.

He lastly avowed that amid all conflicts and rifts jolting the country, the General Security agency would continue to act, alongside other security services, to face dangers, come what may, hoping that the Independence would be commemorated next year in presence of a president of a republic.

“Always keep wary because Lebanon is in need of us in such circumstances. Do favor the logic of the state and give privilege of the spirit of sacrifice for the country, away from sectarian considerations. Do not make of Lebanon a hostage of regional and international interests,” he said.