Huth after meeting Gemayel: Lebanese ought to agree on a President of the Republic the soonest

November 23, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) German Ambassador to Lebanon, Martin Huth, considered Monday that “it is necessary to have a President in Lebanon the soonest, but that it is up to the Lebanese who must agree on a Head of State,” adding that “this is a Lebanese matter.”

“I am confident that Lebanon is capable of overcoming all obstacles and challenges facing it,” added Huth, upon emerging from his visit to former President Amine Gemayel at his Bikfaya residence earlier in the afternoon.

The encounter was a chance for both men to tackle “recent political developments in Lebanon and the region,” in addition to the “historical ties between both countries at the political, developmental and cultural levels.”

Discussions also touched on “Germany’s role in Europe and its relations with both Washington and Moscow,” and the “European countries’ readiness for a compromise role on the Arab and Lebanese arena.”

The Syrian refugees’ issue, which has become an international problem, featured high as well during their talks.