Hussein Hajj Hasan: We shall withstand and defeat ISIL

November 15, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) We shall withstand and defeat ISIL/NOSRA, US-Israel-backed project minister of Industry Hussein Hajj-Hasan, stated during his inauguration of development projects in the Hermel village of Kwakh today.

ISIL/NOSRA terror shall never succeed in defeating our party, people and army and we shall confront and beat them wherever they happen to be; make no mistake, we shall confront the American-Zionist backed ISIL/NOSRA up till we inflict final defeat on them, the minister added.

Terrorists cowardly killed women and children but escaped from the face of our advancing party, he told victims’ families. Saudis and Americans, who created, armed and financed ISIL/NOSRA must ultimately express regret to the camp of rejection and Umma of believers for deploying Takfeerists against them in pursuit of their mean political ends, the minister concluded.