Hajj Hasan: Determined to finish off ISIL/Nusra regardless of sacrifices

November 08, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) We are determined to finish off ISIL/NOSRA project regardless of the blood sacrifices involved, minister of Industry Hussein Hajj-Hasan, reiterated during his commemoration of party fallen in Baalbeck today.

As we annually pledge loyalty to blood sacrifice by our party fallen who forged victories on Israel and ISIL/NOSRA, how ill-fated the Umma of Believers would be without their sacrifice, he told families and party officials.

Whoever negotiated with Israel or sought peace with it only reaped shame and humiliation, the minister exclaimed.

As Iran managed to impose its terms on Israel/America, The retrograde ridden Saudi peace initiative languishes inside US shelves, Hajj-Hasan said.

ISIL/Nusra’s deviant project is purely American/Israeli inspired and has nothing to do with the true religion of Islam, he ranted.

How could ISIL/NOSRA roam the world freely and get all that money hardware and attention from the Arabs and the Americans and yet continue to pose as Muslims, he exclaimed.

As ISIL/NOSRA strive to fragment the region into princedoms and kingdoms fighting amongst themselves, certain Lebanese had not been daunted by Israel’s occupation of Beirut and Lebanon, the minister added.

Our party remains unshaken by criticisms leveled against it and ISIL/NOSRA shall be defeated by our party’s sacrifices, Hajj-Hasan concluded.