Fadllalah from parliament: Lebanese state has no legal relation in case between “Mayadeen” and “Arab Sat”

November 11, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Parliamentary Committee Information head, Hassan Fadllalah, said on Wednesday that the Lebanese State has neither legal nor administrative relation in the case between Al-Mayadeen T.V. and “Arabsat” administration.

“Al-Mayadeen T.V. has neither violated any of the articles mentioned in the signed agreement between them and the Lebanese Telecommunication ministry nor violated any of the observed laws,” Fadllalah explained, saying accordingly, there is no case that demands any procedure to be taken from the Information ministry or any other official side against the said T.V. station.

He added, “we called upon both Telecommunications and Information ministries to revoke the file presented by Arabsat.”

Fadllalah indicated that this case should be treated according to the contract signed by Al-Mayadeen and Arabsat.