Chbib lights Raouche rock with Lebanese, French flags in solidarity with terrorists attacks victims

November 18, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Beirut Governor, Judge Ziad Chbib, lighted on Wednesday in the presence of the French Ambassador to Lebanon, Emmanuel Bonn, the Raouche rock in Beirut with the Lebanese and French flags, in solidarity with the victims of the two terrorist attacks carried out in Lebanon and France.

A number of MPs attended the event with Chbib saying, “we have been the victims of criminal terrorist attacks and we recognize the risks but we will not surrender in front of fear.”

“In both cases, we should abide by to the rule of law that protects the human rights and freedoms and establish a balance between them,” Chbib said.

He continued: “The challenge is not only on the security level, but also morally and culturally, in order to unite in the face of sectarian divisions.”

For his part the French ambassador said that today was a day of solidarity and perseverance of friendship between Lebanon and France, and solidarity of both countries together, thanking the attendees for this initiative and solidarity in the face of terrorism.