Bassil/Nazarian: Development to be alienated from polarization and obstacles

November 23, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Economic development of Batroun must be alienated from all obstacles and polarizations, Foreign and Energy ministers Gebran Bassil and Arthur Nazarian told interlocutors while touring Batroun District today.

As the Aounist Trend has been working relentlessly for over than half a century to affect the desired economic development of Batroun, serious grievances emanating from long standing poverty and neglect must be addressed, Bassil added.

The Lebanese have effectively lost their independence without a president and due to the absence of a just and fair electoral law; chopping off heads predated the appearance of ISIL by over than one century under Ottoman tutelage, he added. We wish to restore our real independence and secure the first presidency which is exclusively our own by fighting ISIL and eliminating it, Bassil said.

We shall construct dams, prospect for oil and generate electricity unheeded by failed attempts, aimed at blocking us he went on. International unfolding of events actually plays in favour of our co-existential equation, Bassil concluded.