Bahiya Hariri deplores Burj terror attack

November 13, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Future Parliamentary bloc MP, Bahiya Hariri, on Friday vehemently condemned the terrorist attack that targeted Burj Al- Brajneh region of Beirut Southern Suburbs on Thursday evening.

“This act of terror which targeted innocent civilians in Burj al-Brajneh () is an utterly deplored act at the moralistic, humanitarian, and religious levels,” she added.

Hariri said this attack has “exposed attempts to target the security and stability of the Lebanese. They aim to target their unity by fomenting strife among the country’s components. They also aim to target the Lebanese will to meet halfway and salvage the nation.”

“Lebanese unity stands today before a new test facing this abominable terrorist crime,” she added.