Alleged spying activities by Lebanese national staff member of UNIFIL

November 11, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) As stated before, UNIFIL has been working very closely with the Lebanese authorities in connection with the ongoing investigation into alleged spying activities by a Lebanese national staff member of UNIFIL. On the request of the Lebanese authorities, UNIFIL asked the UN headquarters to determine whether immunity from legal process applied to the staff member in this case and, if so, to seek waiver of the same by the UN Secretary-General.

After reviewing the information provided by the Lebanese authorities, the UN Secretary-General has determined that the allegations against the staff member do not appear to be related to his official functions, and accordingly immunity from legal process does not apply in this case.

UNIFIL has duly conveyed this to the Lebanese authorities that have since taken custody of the concerned UNIFIL staff member.

UNIFIL will continue to provide the assistance required to facilitate the Government’s investigations into the allegations.

UNIFIL considers it of the utmost importance that the investigative and judicial process is conducted in accordance with the international standards of justice, fairness and due process of law and fully supports the Lebanese authorities in the effort. To this end, UNIFIL will continue to act in full transparency, in coordination with the Lebanese authorities, and in accordance with the long-established procedures and agreements.