AbuGhazaleh: Working with the Economic Policy Development Forum is voluntarily aiming to serve our Country in the fields of economy, education and community service

November 18, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) The Economic Policies Development Forum (EPDF) has held a consultative meeting of the Presidential Office and the Board of Directors of the Forum at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum to discuss several issues most prominently the programs and activities of the Forum and future plans. Besides, the restructuring of the committees and taskforces was completed.

HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, EPDF Chairman, emphasized that the work at the Forum is voluntary and its policy is working to serve the nation in the fields of economy, education and community service, adding that what distinguishes the Forum is the fact that it conducts studies that focus on development and improvement by individual efforts, without any funding from any entity.

The latest procedures related to the Arab Economic Development Policies Forum have been discussed (under the umbrella of the League of Arab States). Also, the Founding Committee of the Forum has been composed of their excellencies: Dr. Mohammed Halaiqa and Dr. Mohammad Abu Hammour, Dr. Jawad Anani and Mr. Nael Al-Hussami.

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh emphasized that we aspire to be the equivalent of Davos Forum but from an Arab perspective, where it was founded as a non-profit Arab body operating under the umbrella of the Economic and Social Council and hosted by the economic policy development forum in Jordan.

The taskforces of the Forum have been changed, some were canceled and other have been merged while other teams were created based on necessity and need which led to the need to establish an Economic Committee chaired by HE Mr. Hatem Al Halawani, and a taskforce for culture chaired by Dr. Arwa Al-Muzaffar, whose duty is to prepare a draft book about culture. Meanwhile, other teams and taskforces were merged for similarities in their role and tasks such as merging the general budgets team with the monetary policies team. HE Hassan Abu Nemah was selected for the follow-up and supervision of the work of these teams and to verify the efficiency and effectiveness of their work.

It was emphasized that the membership of the Forum is open to all who wish to join as the work is voluntary, without fees and without anything in return. The members have also agreed to prepare a comprehensive report of all achievements of the Forum since its founding in 2011 and until the current year. It was also agreed to issue a monthly e-newsletter which will cover the Forum’s events and activities.

Members emphasized the importance of the idea of preparing Investment guide to those residing outside Jordan which should include all information that may be needed by the person who considers investment in Jordan, such as the investment environment, registration and licensing mechanisms. This guide will be distributed to all embassies in the world, with the aim of developing the country’s economy by attracting investment to the country.

Future activities were also discussed with plans to organize a panel discussion between the Director of Public Security, the Mayor of Amman, the Minister of Transport under the theme of Traffic Crisis in Amman: Causes and Solutions, and a lecture by HE the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and a meeting of the Presidential Office for enhancing cooperation and support from the Greater Amman Municipality for Greater Ma’an Municipality entitled “A Plant from Amman in Ma’an”, and strengthening the supply track in the food security policy and consumer protection (HE Mr. Hassouni Mhailan, Assistant Secretary-General for Internal Trade at the Ministry of Industry and Trade).

Other proposed activities include a panel discussion on the equality of rights between teachers in private schools and government schools, and the launch of a study of Syrian refugees in coordination with Dr. Jawad Anani .